Healthy Faux-reos

Homemade Oreos:

Homemade Oreos 1

I vividly remember the first time I ever created a cookie recipe. I was with my friend’s house (this friend, actually!) and we were both in eighth grade. This was in the beginning of my baking days, so obviously I didn’t have much experience with experimenting with recipes, much less creating new ones.Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting much.We had to use shortening instead of butter (a totally new experience for me!), and my friend’s oven didn’t have a signal for when it was done preheating! Two things going wrong in a recipe was a lot for me to handle then.

Homemade Oreos 2

You can imagine my shock when a tray of beautiful, pillowy snickerdoodles emerged from the oven several minutes later. I was amazed! I had actually created a successful recipe! My friend and I probably ate half the tray together. (Hey, what can I say? We were in emotional shock.) We handed the cookies out to everyone in our vicinity, trying to get everyone we could to marvel at our baking skills.

Homemade Oreos 3


Just this week, when I was creating this recipe, I experienced a similar sort of shock. The recipe was NOT working how I wanted it to, at all! The dough was too sticky, the filling too coconut-y, and the texture not crunchy. There was no way these cookies could possibly turn out well!

And then I tasted one.

And it was delicious.

I’m calling these sandwich cookies “Faux-reos” because, in all honesty, the flavor and texture of these cookies don’t closely resemble the store-bought version. But they were so yummmmmmmmmy (IMO) that I decided to post the recipe! But don’t worry, authentic Oreos have not yet been crossed off of my recipe to-do list!

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Homemade Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels

These cinnamon sugar pretzels are reminiscent of the ones you buy at Auntie Anne’s…



So you know what I’m going to call them?

(If you haven’t figured it out yet, go look at the photo above.)

Auntie Anne’s pretzels are probably one of the best foods out there. (Yes, I’m going that far.) Next to caramel popcorn, Nutella, and Clif Bars, those soft doughy pretzels are one of my favorite foods.


These Auntie Em’s pretzels are just as good as the cheap, processed kind! They might be even better because you can eat lots with no guilt involved. While I don’t feel guilty per se when eating Auntie Anne’s, I always brush off all the extra cinnamon-sugar on top to attempt to keep the sugar down. You don’t have to do that with these pretzels though! HALLELUJAH!!

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Butter

Cookie butter.



Not that weird “Speculoos” cookie butter stuff that most people seem to be raving about. No, this is CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE butter! After trying just the teensiest bit of this cookie butter, you will:

  • Forget about your first week back to school
  • Forget that you dropped your phone in the toiled (it was an accident!)
  • Want to spread this on everything you can find, such as bagels, pancakes, toast, or your fingers waffles.

And if you’ve ever tried gingerbread cookie butter (aka “Speculoos”)  you will automatically forget about that as well. Unless you don’t like chocolate chip cookies of course… but when was the last time you heard someone say they liked gingerbread better than chocolate? To quote Trent from Chopped:

“‘I don’t know who speculoos is. Ain’t never seen him before in my life.'”cookieb3

Yep, after you try this, you’ll be wanting to cut all ties from store-bought cookie butter.

(“‘Spuckalose? Spookalosh? I can’t remember the name. It’s got a certain taste to it.'”)

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Healthy Vegan Chocolate Milk

You will want to chug this chocolate milk.

Back when I was in fourth grade, my friend and I decided to throw a little chugging contest. Just us, right there, in the cafeteria. (PLEEEEASE tell me you’ve done chugging contests before!!) We each had one of those plastic water bottles that were unopened an untouched. Yeahhhh… we were racing to see who could chug a whole 16.9 ounces of water first. Great idea, no?

Very soon after the chugging contest, my friend and I were getting weird stomachaches. Seconds later, we had to race to the bathroom, trying to hold ourselves together until we reached the toilet.

Let’s just say our little contest was neither a pleasant experience nor a good idea.


So why did I tell you this little anecdote? To hopefully convince you NOT to chug all this vegan chocolate milk even though you will seriously want to. You probably will still down it in one sitting (like I kinda did) but if you do the consequences will be well worth it.

So very worth it.
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The Green Smoothie

Behold The Green Smoothie:


Be aware that the title isn’t “a green smoothie” or “green smoothie #1″ but is The Green Smoothie. That’s because this is probably going to be the only green smoothie recipe that I ever post. Why? Because really, there’s like a billion green smoothie recipes out there. You just throw stuff in a blender and add spinach (or kale). But how many recipes are there for a healthy Nutella Fudge Pie? Like, none.


But I just *had* to post this recipe because it’s sooo much better than all of the green smoothies I’ve made! The flavor is like pineapple-peach lemonade. Can we just say YUM?



Um, YUM.

By the by, you might want to be watching for a Healthy Nutella Fudge Pie soon.

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